New Yorkers eager to carry the momentum of recent anti-Trump protests through our President-elect's inauguration—but for whom a trip to Washington D.C. presents logistical challenges—now have an NYC option: a sister march to the planned Women's March On Washington is in the works for the day after inauguration.

Nearly 3,000 people have already committed to the march on Facebook, which will assemble in Union Square around 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, January 21st ahead of a march on Trump Tower.

And while women are organizing this march, it's eminently clear that all are welcome.

"Marching to the doorsteps of this tower to promote the advancement of equality and human rights for all women, minorities, and immigrants sends a clear message to the incoming cabinet that we are watching," wrote organizers Katherine Siemionko and Hayley Dwight in a public Facebook event posted last week. "This march also sends a message to the millions of foreign onlookers that the United States of America is not racist, sexist, or anti-gay."

While hate incidents have spiked in the aftermath of Trump's election—following a campaign that stoked racist, sexist, and homophobic sentiment—opposition to that hate has been swift and fierce.

Earlier this morning, Mayor de Blasio addressed New Yorkers' resilience in a speech at Cooper Union in Manhattan. "The results of an election don't change who we are," he said. "A single office-holder doesn't change who we are; a law that gets passed in Washington doesn't change who we are. We are 8.5 million strong, and we ain't changing. We are always New York. Somos siempre Nueva York."

Dozens of other sister marches are planned for January, 21st, from New Jersey, to London. You can find a full rundown here.