A common Hollywood movie trope inspired a real life getaway yesterday when two women stole a cop car during an arrest in Queens. And they got away with it, too! (So far.) The shenanigans started around 3 p.m. at the corner of 230th Place and Mentone Avenue in Laurelton, after police pulled over the driver of a green minivan that was reported stolen. The driver bolted, managing to run a block away before the two cops subdued him. But as they made the collar, two female passengers stealthily exited the van and proceeded to the idling police car.

The women, described as black and portly, raced off, driving about a half-mile and ditching the vehicle in the middle of the street at 145th Avenue and 223 Street. (The Post has conflicting reports online; the most recent article says that one woman simply walked away, while the other stole the cop car alone.) "She flew past the police and made left turn," one chuckling eyewitness tells the tabloid, "The cops were not paying attention. They immediately got on the radio and called for backup. You just don’t expect this."

According to the Daily News, "The joyriders were still in the wind, but their accomplice was busted, and charges were pending Thursday night." A police source says the two officers won't face disciplinary charges for leaving the keys in the car, which was found with the doors wide open. Nothing was taken, but we imagine there's now a very slow-paced Basset hound wandering around Queens.