While leers, rude remarks and occasional gropes are nothing new (and entirely unwelcomed) to NYC women on subways, the Daily News wondered how they would feel about women-only subway cars. A morning commuter train in Tokyo just introduced women-only cars so women can ride without worrying about gropers. But it seems like NY women think subway riding is supposed to be tough: One woman said, "Every woman can hold her own...She's not going to allow it and she will stand up for herself," while another said, "When women move to New York they learn to get a little tougher. You walk with a different demeanor and have a certain air on the subway." However one woman who had been groped, not to mentioned flashed two separate times, said the idea was interesting. Gothamist has had to witness countless disgusting incidents in the subway, but luckily, we've never been groped - just hit by bags and the like. Actually, big messenger bags are pretty good armor in these situations. But women-only subways probably wouldn't fly in the city, especially the F line, which is the meet-cute line.

And a while back, someone hacked into the MTA's digital ticker to put in a new message (image above).