The NYPD's pursuit of a pint-sized shoplifter has ended with the arrest of two adults. Tisha Strong, 41, and Shannie Eastman, 39, are accused of forcing a small child to steal for them in at least three Queens businesses. Earlier this month, the NYPD released photos of the suspects, who allegedly coerced Eastman's daughter into stealing a wallet out of a woman's handbag at a boutique in Queens.

Police say Strong and Eastman used the girl for at least two other jobs. On the afternoon of May 7th, police say they forced the child to steal two purses containing credit cards and $170 in cash from The Worthy Pause clothing store in Flushing. A month earlier, they allegedly entered the Empress Travel Agency in Queens with the girl and stole $900 from a cash box located in a back room a bathroom the suspects asked to use.

Strong and Eastman have both been charged with grand larceny, petit larceny, and failure to exercise control of a minor. A police source tells the Daily News that The Administration for Children’s Services has placed the girl in the care of a member of Eastman’s family.