A family argument over the election of Donald Trump turned bloody this weekend in Brooklyn. Shortly after 8:30 p.m. Saturday night police were called to an apartment in Flatbush, where 49-year-old Maurice Braswell reportedly slashed multiple members of his family with a meat cleaver, severing a woman's thumb in the process.

67-year-old mother Yvonne told the Daily News her sons, Maurice and Dwight, neither of whom voted for Trump, had been arguing over why Hillary Clinton was defeated. The dispute turned violent when Maurice struck his brother with a chair, Assistant DA Triyonah Langsam told the tabloid, and only got worse when he picked up the cleaver.

According to police, Maurice slashed his mother's right hand, cut his 23-year-old nephew Bwigat, slashed his brother Dwight on his head and right hand, and severed the thumb of 25-year-old Shapaviah Braswell. The Post reports that Shapaviah is Maurice's younger sister; the Daily News cites her as a niece.

"Everyone here voted for Clinton, but my sons, both of them, are high-strung," Yvonne told the Post. "They don't fight a lot, but when they do, it can get bad." A police spokesperson confirmed the 67-year-old was treated at Kings County hospital along with Dwight and Bwigat, while Shapaviah was rushed to Brookdale hospital where her thumb was reattached.

NYPD officers took Maurice Braswell into custody at the scene inside of 351 East 21st Street, and he has since been charged with second-degree assault.