It's not shocking when a person who has previously driven drunk does so again but it's pretty weird when the driver crashes into a cemetery where her mob-connected boyfriend is buried. And that's what Kelly Catapano allegedly did.

Catapano crashed her 2001 Chrysler Sebring into Moravian Cemetery in New Dorp on Sunday. According to the Staten Island Advance, she "is being held on $5,000 bail... she had three times the legal limit of alcohol in her system when she drove over a grave."

Catapano was dating Frank Fresca, the owner of Fresca's of the Bay who was shot at his restaurant in 2008. The Advance adds, "Fresca is entombed at Moravian, though it's unclear if she was visiting his crypt. A law enforcement source said the tire of her car was hanging over a freshly-dug, empty grave."

This was also Catapano's third drunk driving arrest—the other two times happened after Fresca's murder, in late 2008. Fresca's murder is still unsolved; his restaurant operated "under the protection" of the Bonannos but before he was killed execution-style, he had been cooperating with the feds to solve another gangland murder.