What happens when two young women enter your front yard and steal your disabled six-year-old son's beloved red wagon? You upload the surveillance videos to YouTube and share the story with the local media—to the point where one woman feels so ashamed she sort of turns herself in.

Belmar, NJ residents Jim and Tracy Bean were shocked when they discovered their son Alex's red wagon was missing. Little Alex "can't walk or speak because of a neurological condition called cerebellar hypoplasia," according to WABC 7 (his family explains this means that parts of his brains are missing), but his father said, "I think he wants his wagon back. It's a little kid toy, come on."

They usually use the red wagon to transport Alex back and forth around their neighborhood and town, because it's less restrictive than a wheelchair and Alex seems to enjoy it more. It turned out their home surveillance cameras caught the two wagon thieves in action—two women enter the fenced yard and one takes the wagon and throws it over the fence:

One YouTube commenter suggested, "Might be a stretch, but do some searching on Instagram. These girls probably hashtag'd the bar they where at, or simple #Belmar" and another said, "once they upload the Djais pictures from LDW you can look through them and see if you can get a close up of the girls by trying to match what they are wearing to girls in the pictures. if they were on 16th ave, they were probably at Djais and there are always a ton of pictures from the weekend!"

Police said that the suspects appeared to be in their 20s and one apparently felt guilty enough (or was recognized!) to contact the Beans. The young woman went to the Beans' house—with her own mother—and brought Alex a new wagon, a stuffed animal and a note apologizing.

Tracy Bean said they accepted the apology, "I think the two women have been through enough after the video went viral, so we didn’t want to press charges." She added, "I am incredulous at the huge response we have gotten. Everybody has logged on to YouTube to view it. It’s exploded, and I’ve gotten 57 emails sent to me from people asking if they could buy him a new wagon."