A Harlem woman has filed a $24 million lawsuit against the city, accusing cops of breaking her nose with billy clubs because she was photographing them during an arrest. Hope Gonzalez, 30, was shopping on Riverside Drive and West 158th Street in October, 2009, when she saw several cops "abusing" a young man. The Post article doesn't have much detail, but Gonzalez says she took out her cell phone to document the incident, and that's when she got swept up into the vaguely-described incident.

"They said that I was resisting arrest and that I spit into a cop's face," Gonzalez tells The Post. "I've never had problems with police, ever in my life." Gonzalez and her boyfriend were arrested and the charges against them were later dropped. Now she wants payback. City lawyers haven't commented on the case, but for the record it's not illegal to photograph police activity, as long as you're not interfering with said activity. Of course, there's the law, and then there are the colorful fantasies that police enforce.