2008_07_reighboss.jpgAs authorities continue to look for Clark Rockefeller and his 7-year-old daughter Reigh Boss, who he abducted during a social worker-supervised visit in Boston on Sunday, the woman who drove the pair from Boston to NYC said she had no idea she helped in the kidnapping. Aileen Ang was offered $500 to drive Rockefeller to NYC; she told a radio station, "I actually thought it was just going to be him. And when I got where I was going to pick him up ... his daughter was there." She said Reigh, who lives in London with her mother, seemed happy, saying, "I love you too much Daddy." But after dropping them off at Grand Central Terminal, Ang heard that the child was missing and went to the police. Authorities have been looking for the pair in NYC and Long Island (Rockefeller, described as a "con man" with four aliases, apparently bought a $300,000 yacht with gold bars), but a person said she saw them in Delaware.