The Bronx woman whose "friendly" pet pitbull was shot to death by a cop in her apartment building last month wants the NYPD to pay for the pup's $265 cremation, according to reports.

Yvonne Rosado, 42, lost pet pitbull Spike last month when an NYPD cop gunned him down while making a domestic violence call at her apartment building. Rosado opened the door to her apartment when she heard a commotion outside, and Spike ran out with his dog wagging—he was shot and died, and the incident was captured on video. “I shouldn’t have to pay to get the ashes back,” she told the Daily News. “He shouldn’t be dead to begin with.”

Rosado says she was treated callously by the officer, identified as Police Officer Ruben Cuesta, 28, telling reporters that "he treated my dog as if he was old furniture being thrown away." Spike was cremated at a facility in the Poconos, and the owner agrees with Rosado that the NYPD should pay for the service. "I think (the police) should foot the bill on this,” Lewis Clark, owner of Pet Haven Services, said, adding, “I think more importantly they should stop shooting dogs unless they are really in danger."

The NYPD is investigating the incident.