Money troubles can sure put stress on an otherwise happy marriage, and for one Manhattan woman who was allegedly tired of dealing with her out-of-work banker husband, the solution was simple: trade a stamp collection with a hit man to kill him off! Sadly, though, that plan seems to have backfired, and now she's been arrested.

Authorities say that Elena Sava-Adams, 57, used $60,000 worth of rare stamps and jewelry to hire a hitman to kill her husband, 66-year-old Irving Adams. Adams was once a higher-up at Israel Discount Bank of New York, but he was fired five years ago, and has reportedly been steadily unemployed since; apparently he and Sava-Adams, a native of Romania, recently argued over how much money he was giving her. And so, to ensure justice was being served, cops say Sava-Adams told a friend or two she was seeking professional help to off him.

Alas, Sava-Adams' confidants did not stay quiet, and they informed police of her plot. Authorities say they then set Sava-Adams up with an investigator masquerading as a contracted killer; she met him in a Sheepshead Bay parking lot, drove with him to Shore Parkway, discussed her plan (to lure Adams to Brooklyn and have him run over by a car) and handed over the stamps and jewelry. The whole interaction was under NYPD surveillance, and when Sava-Adams got out of the car, she was arrested.

Sava-Adams has since been charged with conspiracy and criminal solicitation, and investigators believe she planned to collect on her husband's life-insurance policy post-hit. And while her Lower Manhattan neighbors seemed surprised by the plot, some noted the couple had a few problems. "She airs all her dirty laundry in the hallway on her cell phone because she can’t stand to be in the apartment with him," one neighbor told the Daily News. Also, they were apparently not fine diners: "They seem to live on Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and pizza," another neighbor said. No word on how much longer the Adams' marriage will last, but if these crazy kids can't work it out, who can?