Sanoy Fleming, an ASPCA worker in Queens who happens to be black, found a noose hanging from a company garage. "I was very upset and it made me uncomfortable that no one thought it was inappropriate," Fleming tells the Daily News, so she reported the incident to her supervisor. A few days later, she received a call from "George" in HR. After scolding her for her subpar work performance, "George" allegedly told her: " 'I heard you were upset about a rope found in the garage,' and he said that it was used for 'operational purposes' to lift things." Sort of like how KKK hoods are for keeping warm.

Fleming's colleagues told her that the noose, which had been hanging for several days, was tied by a white employee, who was "instructed not to tie a knot like that again." Fleming has retained an attorney, who says, "The person who put up that noose should be terminated to send a message that it will not be tolerated." A spokesperson for the ASPCA says it takes, "Employee complaints very seriously and has a very strict policy against any form of workplace retaliation." While the noose may have been a stupid mistake on the part of an employee, "George" probably shouldn't be working in Human Resources either.