No one likes getting parking ticket, but must we resort to poop-throwing? A 39-year-old Hoboken woman allegedly did just that to a parking officer last week—as well as shoving the officer.

According to the Star-Ledger, the incident escalated to the point of police being called 9:18 p.m. last Wednesday at Bloomfield and First Streets:

A large crowd had apparently gathered around the two to watch. The parking enforcement officer told police that she was leaving the HPU offices at City Hall when the woman approached her and began arguing over a parking ticket she had received earlier from the worker, reports said.

The HPU worker told police that as she was getting into her boyfriend’s car to leave, her attacker opened the car door and continued the argument, reports said. After the worker said she was going to call her supervisor, the woman threw a substance in the HPU officer’s face that was later confirmed to be feces, reports said.

Witnesses finally separated the two and the aggrieved driver thought she was unfairly singled out for a ticket because she was Latina. She eventually admitted to "scooping the feces up from the ground nearby in a paper cup."

The driver was received summonses for harassment and disorderly conduct. For those keeping up with their flying feces spreadsheets, poo-flinging has been utilized in property disputes and neighborly disputes.