Seemona Sumasar, the Queens woman who claimed that she was framed for robbery by her ex after she filed rape charges against him, took the stand yesterday and it was reportedly as teary as you might expect. Sumasar's life crumbled—she was separated from her daughter while in jail for seven months, had her house foreclosed on and lost her restaurant—in the ordeal and when she described being bound and raped by her ex-lover, "several [jury] members could be seen wiping tears from their eyes."

Sumasar said her ex, Jerry Ramrattan, attacked her after she'd tried to cut off contact with him. "He followed me into the apartment and asked for me to sit down and talk. I didn’t want to see him anymore because I found out that he was married." Further:

"I was crying—I said to him: 'Think about what you are doing. Really think about it,'" Ms. Sumasar told the jury, sobbing quietly. "He unbuckled his belt and started to take his clothes off. I said I don’t understand why he’s doing this."

Ms. Sumasar said Mr. Ramrattan held her captive for hours, ordering in Chinese food, watching television and putting a gun to his own head before raping her. Afterward, she said, he started to cry and apologize. "He said, 'I’m so sorry, I never meant for this to happen,'" she said.

After describing in detail the rape that is at the center of the trial, Sumasar testified that she spent seven months in jail away from her daughter after Ramrattan pushed three friends into filing trumped-up robbery charges against her. And, as they say, he would have gotten away with it too...if it weren't for a pesky informant who tipped cops off to his scheme right before she went to trial (she was stuck in jail since she couldn't pay the $1 million bail). Ramrattan's trio of stooges (Rajive Muhammad, Terrell Lovell and Luz Johnson) have already been convicted of perjury and are expected to testify against him.

Ramrattan's lawyer, for his part, says the sex between his client and Sumasar was consensual and that he had nothing to do with the false charges against her. Reportedly he is trying to argue, despite phone records and other evidence, that she was set up by people she owed money to.