A woman was injured after being struck by a piece of wood while walking through SoHo on Friday.

FDNY says the incident happened just after 1 p.m. on Friday in front of a building on Broadway near Prince Street. The 19-year-old woman was struck by a two-by-four which fell from the building at 280 Broadway.

"I looked up and something came out of the window and…I was taking care of customers," a witness told CBS. "I looked and saw she was bleeding." The witness who took the photo above believes the wood may have come from the seventh floor of the building.

Another witness told AnimalNY that the women appeared to be awake after being struck, but her head was gushing blood; they also estimated that the piece of wood was around 18 inches long.

The woman was taken to Bellevue Hospital with head trauma; she is in stable condition now. Back in March, a woman died after being struck by a piece of plywood in the West Village.