2006_09_toolbox.jpgPeople have stories of bad work environments, but we'd have to say that Nattalia Genao's story ranks high on the list of the very worst. Genao worked as a mechanic at Allied Aviation Services at JFK Airport, in a crew with 49 other mechanics. But all the other mechanics were male, and they made her life difficult. According to Daily News, from 2000-2004, her co-workers put pornography, whistled at her, groped her...and peed all over and inside her toolbox. YUCK. And making things even worse, her bosses at Allied Aviation told her she was the one who chose to be a mechanic and said that she would be wasting the NYPD's time if she complained to them.

So now Genao is suing, and her lawyer Gillian Thomas says, "Believe it or not [women] actually encounter that kind of sabotage all the time...The message 'You're not welcome here' really doesn't get any stronger than that. It's sort of a marking of turf if you will." And it's not just women entering men's workforces - a few years ago, there two gay waiters sued a restaurant for sexual discrimination - the sommelier shoved a bottle up one waiter's butt!