We've heard our fair share of bad therapist stories over the years, but this one is pretty rough: a former model sued her therapist for setting her up on dates with his other clients and then demanding she recount the sexual encounters in vivid details. Hmm, men paying a middleman who encouraged his female client to have sex with them...what does that sound like?

Finele Carpenter, 57, a former Ford and Jordache model, was in a Manhattan court this week having sued her doctor, Allen Collins, founding chairman of Lenox Hill Hospital's psychiatry department. Carpenter, who was sexually abused as a child and raped in her 20s, began seeing Collins in 2000. He was very casual with sharing patients; he recommended a divorce lawyer patient of his to her during their second session, and soon began recommending clients to her as potential dates, many of whom were married.

Carpenter claims that Collins also revealed information he had heard about their sex life from the male client: "[he] would ask me if I had an orgasm, what it felt like, how I felt, did it please me...[he] told me I should never ask a man if he [was] on Viagra, which I had done" and told her the man wouldn't be calling her again because his wife smelled perfume on him when he returned home. After that relationship ended, Carpenter was referred to at least four other "unhappily married" patients of Collins, who allegedly hoped some would leave their marriages for her. "It was sexual voyeurism, all for the doctor's titillation," she said in court filings, adding he put her on nine different medications and scheduled her for three different 90-minute sessions a week.

Collins admitted he did set her up with clients, but positioned it as encouraging "positive social encounters," and "if things developed, things developed. I was not specifically recommending the development of a relationship in one way or another." However, a jury sided with Carpenter, who was awarded $400,000 for damages, as well as a reimbursement of $250,000 for the five years she saw him.