A Queens Pathmark is being sued by a woman who ended up covered in tomato sauce. No, 55-year-old Patricia Samaroo didn't get the tomato treatment following a bad comedy routine, she simply ended up the victim of a toppled-over stack of sauce jars when a display collapsed on top of her at the Ozone Park grocery store. Samaroo says that nine months after the accident, she still has pain in her neck and uses painkillers for the incident that left her "sick, lame, sore and disabled." What drew the Long Islander to the unstable stack—famous last words: "It was on sale." Samaroo's suit claims that Pathmark was negligent for failing to determine if jars were likely to topple and fall. She tells the News, "I was in shock when it happened. All I know is that I was covered in spaghetti sauce." While there is no surveillance video of the incident, we did find a disaster from the Canadian version of Supermarket Sweep after the jump that might suffice.