First of all: there is something called Rat Bite Fever that exists. That is terrifying, especially with the rat overlords slowly rolling out their master plan to take over the city from us weak humans... that can die from rat bite fever. Anyway, an ex-Petco employee has filed a $2.65MM lawsuit against a rodent breeder after being bitten by a diseased rat. Second of all: there are RODENT BREEDERS.

Ugh. So, 67-year-old Irene Defelippis was working at a Petco on Long Island and contracted the potentially fatal disease after the rodent chewed on her hand; one employee told the Daily News, "There are nice rats and bad rats—that was a bad rat." We'll say! After the incident went down (way back in 2006), Defelippis developed mouth ulcers, facial swelling and severe body pain. She claims she needs more money to fund her doctors' bills, on top of the workers comp she received; her lawyer told the paper, "Her problems keep getting worse."

Oh and P.S.: Squirrels can also give you Rat Bite Fever. If you need us we'll be hermetically sealing up our apartment.