Given that there are manhole fires from time to time—and that many times steam can be seen rising from them—it's no surprise to learn they can leave burns. And now a Bronx woman is suing Con Ed for burns she suffered in 2006. According to the Daily News, "Melissa Mann was crossing Allen St. on the lower East Side on Sept. 5, 2006, when she was hit by a delivery van...She flew through the air and landed on a manhole cover, which burned her instantly, according to a lawsuit filed in Bronx Supreme Court this week." Yikes. Her lawyer said his client has permanent scarring, not to mention seizures, and walks with a cane, "For the temperature of that cap to be so hot that it caused scalding burns to the touch is not right. It poses a danger to citizens walking on the street not to mention any animals walking on the street." Mann is seeking "an award for medical services, lost wages and pain and suffering." Five years ago, a woman got a "manhole tattoo" on her back when she fell (while skateboarding in the East Village) on a manhole. Manhole coasters, from the NYC City Store