The upscale Meatpacking District club Tejune is already under fire after a 17-year-old fell to her death after partying at the club earlier in the night. Now, a Yonkers woman is putting a bigger spotlight on the club's lax security. Three weeks before Nicole John was at the club, Laurie Nagle, 31, claims she was the victim of an unprovoked attack by another woman in the club. The woman's weapon of choice? A shoe.

In court papers, Nagle claims a bouncer had told her to stay away from clubgoer Vera Gjokaj and her group of friends, warning her they were "going to be trouble." However, when Gjokaj ran at Nagle and attacked her with her high-heeled shoe, the bouncers did nothing to stop her. Nagle says she "immediately experienced extreme pain and saw the horrified faces of everyone around her as blood began to pour down her face and cover her body." Gjokaj was arrested for assault.

Nagle says security wouldn't let her leave immediately to seek medical attention for her injury. She eventually spend over two hours in the emergency room, getting 40 stitches to heal her skin and muscle, which were "severed to the skull." A feat Random Task could never accomplish: