A Queens woman is suing a cop for $5 million, claiming he caused her to fall on her stomach while she was six months pregnant and eventually miscarry. Police were called to 21-year-old Felicia Dantzler's house after her fiancé reported a fight with her neighbors on March 21st. Dantzler told the Post, "He swept his foot under my feet and I fell on my stomach and face." Five days later, she delivered a stillborn daughter.

The fight allegedly started after a break-in in her neighbor's apartment. Dantzler said the neighbor started pounding on her door, blaming her for the burglary. And though she admits she took a swing at her neighbor and accidentally hit the police officer, she claims the cop was unnecessarily forceful with her. After kicking her to the ground, he reportedly cuffed her and kept her on her stomach for ten minutes. Marilyn Fernandez attempted to tell the cop Dantzler was pregnant. "He was not listening," Dantzler's friend told the Daily News. "He told her to shut up and be quiet."

Four days later Dantzler went to a previously scheduled checkup with her doctor, who told her the unborn child had no vital signs or heartbeat. Lawyer Pamela Roth says Dantzler is waiting for autopsy results, but said, "My client stated that it was a problem-free, normal pregnancy before the incident." Police claim that both the officer and Dantzler fell to the ground after the punch, and Dantzler was cuffed, taken to the precinct and issued a disorderly-conduct summons. Dantzler's suit claims she was "falsely" arrested.