A police horse named Mr. Biggs is at the center of a lawsuit filed against the city last week. Allegedly the member of the NYPD's Mounted Unit took a bite out of a New Jersey woman last summer, and now that woman is suing.

According to the NY Post, Fair Lawn resident Dineen Rudd was "menaced and attacked outside a Chelsea restaurant last summer... near the bar Porky's on West 21st Street." Court papers say the mounted police officer allowed the horse to approach her, at which point the horse allegedly dug into Rudd and left her with permanent injuries.

The city has not yet commented on the suit, but Rudd insists that they should have been aware of the horse's "propensity to attack and bite human beings." No word yet on how much she's seeking in the "horse suit." And after the jump, video of police officers from the Mounted Unit explaining their day, their training, and their horses: