Crazy Internet story of the day: Concetta Lombardi, a 53 year old woman from California, has demanded to find out who posted a "casual encounters" ad using her name and phone number on craigslist. Uh oh.

The Daily News reports that Lombardi filed legal papers in Manhattan " asking a judge to order Cablevision to help pin down whoever made her a prime object of affection for lusty lonelyhearts." The person who posted the ad wrote that "Concetta Lombardi" was a "26-year-old woman looking to get revenge on her soon-to-be ex-husband by bedding as many men as possible." That is worse than putting someone's number in a bathroom!

While there was a fake Hotmail email address listed, Lombardi got many crazy calls on her cellphone. Craigslist did take down the ad, but she hasn't had much luck from other sources. She did find out that the ISP of the person who posted the ad used Cablevision, and now she wants Cablevision to spill the beans about the user.