2007_10_cordero.jpgJeffrey Epstein, the billionaire investor who New York called an "International Moneyman of Mystery" back in 2002, may be set to plead guilty to having sex with underage girls in Florida, but now there are claims that he was preying on the young in the Big Apple. Maximilia Cordero is suing Epstein for "repeatedly" luring her to his East Side townhouse for sex back in 2000.

At the time, Cordero was just 16 and hoping to break into modeling. Epstein allegedly told her he was a "money manager for Victoria's Secret" and could help her. The Smoking Gun has the lawsuit and mentions these details:

Cordero claims that Epstein, 54, told her, "I love how young you are. You have a tight butt like a baby," and repeatedly asked her to return with her teenage friends, since "I love girls your age."... According to Cordero, now 23, during her first visit to Epstein's Manhattan home, the money manager forced her to perform oral sex, and subsequently told her on several occasions, "I would love for you to come with me to Thailand to pick up other girls your age."

And Cordero's lawyer happens to be her boyfriend, 57-year-old William Unroch. Last year, he got the okay to sue a neighbor for defamation after she said he was involved with minors; Unroch pointed out, "To be living with a 22-year-old isn't a crime - besides she's turning 23 soon."

Unroch is not just a lawyer - he's got a "model and talent management" business as well as a blog! His most recent post discusses pigs as pets ("What a wonderful pet. Imagine the fun you will have taking your minipig to the Waldorf for lunch or McDonalds for breakfast.").