A woman is in critical condition after being hit by an empty school bus in Gravesend yesterday afternoon. The woman was carrying groceries while crossing Ocean Parkway near Avenue X. She had the light, but it changed when she was halfway across the street, and the Grandpa's Bus Co. Inc. bus crashed into her. One witness told the Daily News, "I heard the noise and went to help her. She was already bleeding from [her] head and mouth."

The driver remained on the scene and has not been charged, and the victim remains in critical condition at Lutheran Hospital. Though Ocean Parkway's crosswalks recently received countdown clocks, the wide street remains dangerous for many pedestrians to cross. After a woman was struck and killed on Ocean Parkway in 2008, a commenter complained on Streetsblog, "...the cars that are turning from brighton beach onto ocean parkway, could not care less. i try crossing with my own elderly mother who also uses a cane, but they come one after another, never giving anyone enough time to attempt the crossing before the light changes again. further, the light changes within seconds nonetheless."