A woman who was struck by a garbage truck in the Lower East Side last Thursday night died of her injuries two days later. Bowery Boogie was the first and only outlet to report on the incident, and noted that a memorial to the victim, who is identified as "Lorii," was placed on Allen several days later. A witness told the blog that she was crossing Allen "right in front of Epstein's, right as the walk sign was ending," and that the truck "bolted RIGHT when the light turn [sic] green." An NYPD spokesman confirmed that the victim was initially listed in stable condition and was transported to Bellevue, but died two days later. According to the spokesman, the incident was not investigated by the department's Accident Investigation Squad.

The witness claims that the woman briefly hesitated before being struck by the truck, and was "hit—VERY HARD—by the vehicle, her head banged right up against the grill [sic] of the truck and she fell immediately to the ground." Another witness noted, "I’m not sure if the driver of the truck even realized how bad it really was. He was probably too nervous to move so we had to ask him to back up since the tire was on her leg."

The police spokesman could not confirm whether the garbage truck belonged to the Sanitation Department or a private company, and noted that the police report stated it was a "Mark" garbage truck. A phone call to the Sanitation's legal department has not been returned.

The memorial reads, "Lorii, Rest In Peace, From 189 Allen." The address refers to the Rafael Hernandez Houses across the street.

Update: Asked about the fatality, State Senator Daniel Squadron tells us, "Last week's tragedy was another horrific reminder that our work's not done when it comes to pedestrian and cyclist safety on the Lower East Side and around the City. That means not only continuing to make on-the-ground improvements, but also changing the law to hold careless drivers accountable and ensure proper investigation."