The 24-year-old nail salon manager who was stabbed on an Upper East Side sidewalk on Tuesday morning is "in extreme pain," according to her mother. Alicia Arroyo told the Post that her daughter Sabatha Tirado "is going to make a full recovery. She is traumatized, and I’m sure she is going to need counseling after this." However, Arroyo noted that her daughter is a "survivor," and even has a tattoo that says "I was born to survive."

Police also arrested the man they had been questioning in the crime. Curtis Forteau was charged with attempted murder, criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree and three counts of criminal possession in the fourth degree. Forteau, described as a "schizophrenic" and homeless, allegedly first tried to rob Tirado, who had been running errands while walking on East 86th Street and 2nd Avenue. Police say he sprayed her with some sort of substance and then stabbed in her in the stomach.

Forteau yelled as he was being taken into a police car, "I never stabbed anyone! I never attacked anyone first. I never hurt anyone. Never, ever!" However, the Daily News reports, "His past belies his claims. Forteau, 29, remains on probation for a bizarre 2009 street assault in which he squirted pepper spray at two victims near Times Square, authorities said." The News adds that he had been in a psych ward six months ago: "He subsequently landed a seasonal job with the city Parks Department, but was fired for unspecified reasons on June 22, a parks spokeswoman confirmed."

His mother, who lives in the Bronx, told the News, “I’m so stunned that I don’t know what to say. I haven’t seen Curtis in some time. He hasn’t lived here for years."