2008_07_adductor.jpgYesterday around noon, an alert came through the newswire mentioning an "unusual rescue" at 145th Street involving a woman "pinned between two exercise machines at the gym."

The NY Post sheds some light on the embarrassing incident today, reporting that "a very large lady at the New York Sports Club was sling-shot off equipment known as the abductor" (pictured). Gym members who looked on had this to say:

"She didn't close [the machine] properly. She was supposed to exit it from the side but tried to go over the leg bar . . and her loose pants got caught in the handle."

"If you are on a machine, it's you versus the machine. She put too much weight on the machine. She was, like, sling-shot from it."

To add insult to injury, the Post mentions several times the 38-year-old woman's "portly" stature, and adds that she had to be taken from the gym in a rescue basket, as a standard stretcher wouldn't do. There is currently no word on the woman's condition, who was taken to the New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center...but hopefully she's not reading the papers today.