The man who shoved 49-year-old Kamala Shrestha onto the F train tracks without provocation Tuesday night whispered threats including "maybe we'll die together," Shrestha told reporters Wednesday.

The mother of three was reportedly heading home to New Jersey from her job at an East Village nail salon when she was attacked from behind.

Speaking from her bed, her head bandaged, Shrestha told ABC7 that she is still dizzy, and has headaches and a ringing sound in her ears. Doctors gave her 16 stitches.

"He said something, 'I am going to kill you,' maybe?" the mother of three said. "'You are going to die with me.'"

"He just saw me, and he was so angry," she added. "He wanted to just throw, he wanted to kill me. I've never seen him before."

No arrests have been made in the Tuesday night assault, according to the NYPD. The suspect, who was last seen wearing a black shirt and dark pants, fled the Second Avenue station in the East Village shortly after 8:50 p.m.

Two men rescued Shrestha from the northbound tracks after her head hit the rail bed, she said. Luckily, no train was approaching while she was on the tracks.

“They gave me new life. If they didn't help me, if they didn't give me that hand, I would [have] otherwise died,” she told the Daily News.

"I want them to find [the shover]," she added. “So bad. He’s going to try other pushes too. He's so scary."