2006_09_45w34th.jpgAcross the street from the Empire State Building, a woman was shot by three robbers at 45 West 34th Street. The woman, Wendy Ho, had just returned from a bank with $500, and she believes the robbers followed her back to the office building. Jassie Dhillon, who worked down the hall of the 12th floor, opened his office's door and saw Ho laying there, with "blood all over her chest." Ho told rescuers that she gave the robbers her purse, and the Post reports robbers also "pistol-whipped" her, "trying to get her to give up the keys to an office that contained valuable counterfeit designer items" before shooting her.

Ho is at Bellevue hospital in serious but stable condition. She was shot in her arm, but the bullet traveled to her chest. The police are still looking for the three robbers.