The much-maligned series finale of Dexter was shocking to fans due to the fact that it was a terrible, no good, god-awful way to end the show. But it literally shocked at least one New Yorker, who was so traumatized by the subway advertisements for the final season, she broke her ankle.

DNAInfo reports that Ajanaffy Njewadda and her husband Sheik Ahmad Tejan Wadda, a former Gambian ambassador, are suing the MTA and Showtime over ads featuring star Michael C. Hall's face that were placed on stariwells around Grand Central Terminal. "Our contention is that the ad shouldn’t have been there,” the couple’s lawyer, Rehan Nazrali, told DNAinfo. "The combined nature of the ad along with its placement poses a hazard to people on the steps."

The lawsuit claims that Hall's face was “shocking and menacing," It frightened her enough that it allegedly caused her to lose her balance and fall down the steps, causing her to break her ankle and suffer a concussion. Njewadda's lawyer says she is still having nightmares about it, which is how Dexter fans probably feel about the end of that show as well. Some might think this lawsuit frivolous, but if suing Showtime over an ankle will bring some measure of peace to the millions of disappointed Dexter fans, then so be it.