The parents of 21-year old Caitlyn Ricci are refusing to pay her college tuition, even after a New Jersey judge decided they should give $16,000 a year for her to attend Temple University. And so Ricci has filed a motion to hold parents Michael Ricci and Maura McGarvey in contempt of court, the Daily News reports. If the motion is granted, her parents would be charged a $100 fine for every day they don't pay.

"That's fine," her father, Michael said to ABC7. "They can hold me in contempt of court. They can do whatever they want. I'm not going to pay. I'm not going to give them any money until my daughter has a relationship with me and we start to heal our family."

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Ricci left home after fighting with her mother over curfews and drinking. Ricci left her mother's home to live with her grandparents, who are currently paying her legal bills.

Ricci sued her parents in 2013, and in November, a Camden County judge ordered them to provide $16,000 for every year Ricci is enrolled in classes.

Ricci is the second NJ daughter to sue her parents this year. In March, 18-year old Rachel Canning sued Mom and Dad for the rest of her Catholic high school fees and for college tuition. She claimed they kicked her out of the house. Canning's parents—like Ricci's folks—cited discipline and behavior problems.

But in that case, judge Peter Bogaard ruled against Canning, telling the Star-Ledger that he didn't want to set any precedents that made parents "live in basic fear of establishing rules of the house. The child thumbs her nose at her parents, leaves the house and turns around asking, 'Now you have to pay me money every week.' This poses a public-policy issue."

For now Ricci's parents are holding strong, and said they won't consider any payment until they build a relationship with their daughter again. Her parents said they hadn't spoken to her in two years; the only time they've seen her has been in court.

"It is nice to see that she is alive and doing well, but it is hurtful because she wouldn't look at us," Ricci's mother said.