Superhero invincible Newark Mayor Saint Cory Booker is still surfing a golden wave of publicity after rescuing a woman from a burning building Thursday night. His eternally grateful constituent, Zina Hodge, 48, is still recovering from burns and smoke inhalation at Saint Barnabas Medical Center, but she gave her first interview to Fox 9 last night, and you really can't buy this kind press:

Woman describes being saved by Cory Booker:

Hodge tells Fox 9, "If Cory wouldn’t have came in there and rescued me, I would have died in there." Hodge says she didn't even see Booker—she was sleeping in her third floor apartment and woke up "delusional" and gasping for her. "I didn't even see him. I don't even remember him picking me up, but I heard him calling me."

And like Gabriel's trumpet miraculously piercing the din of Armageddon, Booker's heroic voice found its way to Hodge's disoriented ears. The day after the fire, Booker recalled, "Thankfully she started yelling out to me and I was able to find her through all the smoke." In the stairwell, Detective Alex Rodriguez helped Booker carry Hodge through a seemingly impenetrable wall of smoke. "That was the moment I had a conversation with God," Booker said at a press conference. "I had my proverbial come-to-Jesus moment."

Booker, Rodriguez, and other members of his security detail were briefly hospitalized with smoke inhalation. It's unclear when Hodge will be released, but it's clear Booker hasn't seen the last of her. "He’s part of my family," Hodge tells Fox 9. "Damn right." Something tells us Booker just got himself another driveway to shovel next winter.