Woman Reunited With Shoe That Fell Onto Subway Tracks After Fellow Commuter Stepped On It

New Yorkers are resourceful
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New Yorkers are resourceful Hannah Chase / Twitter

For many, having a shoe fall into the subway tracks would be the beginning of a small subway nightmare. But for one Hannah Chase, it became a remarkable display of her equanimity. After losing a shoe at the 96th Street station on the Upper West Side on Thursday morning, Chase simply took a T-shirt and wrapped up her foot so she could still head to work.

"I've lived in New York City my whole life, pretty much," Chase told us this morning. "In order to survive in NYC I’ve had to become a little more Zen about stuff because everything is going to go bonkers out of your control."

The de-shoeing had a surprise happy ending after the commuter who accidentally caused it by stepping on the back of her shared the tale on Twitter... which ultimately resulted in her shoe being found by MTA. "I expected nothing because it’s a tiny shoe in the middle of a huge transit system," she said. "But they were able to recover the shoe!”

John Reynolds took to Twitter to share his experience of accidentally causing the mishap at the West 96th Street station, while getting onto an uptown 1 train:

Chase chimed in:

She had actually Tweeted her heroics.

A mutual friend of theirs connected Chase and Reynolds. Then the MTA got involved, with spokesman Jon Weinstein chiming in:

Both pairs—the subway riders and the shoes—made it to NY1 this morning:

Chase was still a little stunned by getting the shoe back ("I love this pair") which she said she is definitely cleaning before wearing again. "I had made peace with it being lost," she recalled. "It felt like a casualty of living in New York that feels like it comes with the territory. I had said goodbye to it in my mind. But it was a really fun surprise" when she got it back at NY1.

Never try and retrieve items lost in the subway tracks by yourself. Tell an MTA employee and someone will try and find it. A friend's phone once slipped through a sidewalk grate into the tracks near the R/W at Flatiron and an MTA worker got it back for her!

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