A 44-year-old woman says she was raped in Riverside Park this morning, and told officers her assailant claimed he was a "cop and an FBI agent" before he attacked her.

CBS News reports that the alleged attack occurred at 5 a.m. this morning, while the woman was walking down Riverside Drive near 74th Street. Officials say the woman was approached by a man from behind, punched, dragged into the park and raped; she told cops that just prior the attack, the man claimed he was a police officer. According to A Walk In The Park, "The incident is being investigated by the Special Victims Squad, NYPD Internal Affairs division and the Police Impersonation Squad."

In previous years, a woman was raped in the park in September, a female jogger says she was attacked there last year and there were a number of reported rapes in the park 2010. However, Riverside Park has not had many reported incidents recently.

"It certainly is a safe park but there have been incidents, there have been sexual assaults- lots of things have happened in Riverside Park," NYC Park Advocates spokesman Geoffrey Croft told CBS News. "But recently it’s been fairly quiet." This morning's victim was treated at Bellevue Hospital, and no arrests have been made; when we contacted the NYPD today, we were told they are looking into the incident.