2006_11_bleecklagu.jpgWhile trying to hail a cab at Bleecker and LaGuardia Place around 1:30AM on Sunday, a 23 year old woman was grabbed by a man and taken into his car. He raped her and then dropped her off on East 46th Street, where she called the police. According to a Daily News source, the victim said there were at least two people in the car, but could only say that a white male had pulled her in. A bartender at nearby Alibi told the Post, "This neighborhood is usually safe. I'm shocked."

And also on Sunday, an 80 year old woman was sexually assaulted in the Bronx. A livery cab driver offered the woman a ride from the bus stop, but threatened her with a screwdriver and assaulted her. The Post says the attacker "inexplicably gave her a cellphone number before dropping her on Southern Boulevard and speeding off." (The police are tracing the number.)

While the police say that the two incidents are unrelated, WABC 7 wonders if the vehicles in both attacks were livery cabs.