Proving that working at the United Nations is so boring no one will bother to Google you, a woman managed to ring up thousands of dollars worth of hotel charges by posing as a U.N. diplomat.

The Post reports that Sandra Nelson Zongo posed as a deputy commissioner of foreign affairs with the U.N. to scam a number of hotels and fancy restaurants into allowing her to rack up hefty tabs, presumably by droning on interminably about how to solve the problem of paying her bill until everyone got bored and walked away.

She allegedly owes one unnamed Manhattan hotel $50K, referring them to "the Office of the Commissioner" when they gave her a bill; she ran up an $8,000 tab an an Upper East Side restaurant, according to federal court papers; and spent $150K on a table for a charity fund raiser, sending them a fake purchase order "payable on behalf of the Office of the Commissioner." U.N. Secret Service agents reportedly managed to track her to another hotel, where she'd racked up $35K in charges after claiming a room as "Temporary Residency for UNGA Delegation."

Zongo is also accused of falsely recruiting interns (an age-old trick). She's been charged with impersonating a federal official, wire fraud and fictitious obligations, but at least she's going down in style.