A woman was severely injured Tuesday night outside of Central Park after an out-of-control SUV slammed into a cab and sent it spinning into her. According to a police spokesperson, the struck cab pinned the 62-year-old woman to a tree, causing serious injuries to both of her legs.

The collisions took place just after 8:30 last night. A Nissan Pathfinder initially ran a red light and struck the cab, which then spun into the woman and pinned her at West 81st Street and Central Park West. The SUV then continued North and collided with a second pedestrian before hitting an MTA bus at a nearby stoplight, police said. The second victim suffered minor injuries.

"It was a huge accident, it happened so fast," witness Clinton Hansome told the Daily News. The woman was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition. "They pulled a woman out from under the car. She didn't look good. She was screaming from the pain," Hansome told the tabloid.

No charges have been filed against the driver and police confirmed that an investigation is still ongoing.