birdmites.jpgA Long Island woman was removed from her home wearing a HAZMAT suit Thursday, after it was determined that not only was her home infested with bird mites, but the woman herself had them crawling out of her orifices. The mites originated from a birds nest that was found in the bathroom vent at Nina Bradica's Levittown home. They soon appeared in force all over the bathroom and Bradica came into contact with them while drying herself with a towel after bathing.

Soon, Bradica was suffering from painful red welts as the bird mites migrated in and out of her ears, nostrils, mouth, and other places. While the mites cannot survive long on humans and eventually drop off, their bites feel like pinpricks, and being infested with tiny blood-sucking arachnids is enough to scare the hell out of anyone.

Bird mites naturally live off of the secretions of birds and are reportedly ubiquitous, but Bradica is being held in quarantine just out of precaution that she now may be infected with a communicable disease.