A Brooklyn woman tells the Post she's on the receiving end of a defamation campaign led by her ex-husband's friend, a prominent Orthodox rabbi. After Asia Teper of Marine Park separated from Shagra Kohn—both were born in Israel came to NY as teens— and took custody of their two daughters, Kohn allegedly became "ultra-Orthodox" and has been financially supported by his new rabbi friends, including Flatbush bigwig Yisroel Belsky. After the separation, Rabbi Belsky wrote a letter in the Jewish magazine Lifestyle, denouncing Teper's "descent into the abyss of immorality....without regard for her husband or children, she embraced a lifestyle that was, and remains to this day, the very antithesis of a Bas Yisraeli [daughter of Israel] and Aishes Chayil [woman of valor]." Belsky then went to her children's school and passed out copies of the magazine; Teper says, "Now [the school] won't talk to me. It's because I was dating someone. I wear pants and shorts when I go out jogging, and I don't cover my hair." Both Teper and Kohn (who hasn't paid $30,000 in child support and was arrested after taking their daughters out of camp and disappearing for days) have remarried.