Holiday travel is as unavoidable as it is wretched, but it's important to keep some perspective when it comes to things one should or should not do while attempting to mitigate one's anguish. Here's one for the latter category: Do not attempt to seduce a customs agent in order to bring aboard your $160,000 in undeclared goods. Wait, did I say "your undeclared goods"? I meant "your adult daughter's undeclared goods."

Hong Yang, 55 was arrested over the weekend for a July incident in which she allegedly tried to sleep with a Customs and Border Patrol agent if he'd allow her daughter, a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, into JFK with thousands of dollars worth of designer wallets, watches, jewelry and a fur coat.

Yang, who lives in China and arrived to the airport on a flight from Paris, allegedly wrote her nickname and a phone number on some paper, which she passed to an unassuming customs officer. Then she offered him $10,000 and a watch if he let her daughter through with the items, the Daily News reports.

The officer wisely excused himself while he got wired for sound, which was good timing: Yang's next move was, allegedly, to offer to both "sleep with" him and "take him to China."

The officer did neither: Chang was charged this weekend when attempting to fly back to China, and released on $250,000 bail. Awkwardly, she will reside at her daughter's apartment for now.