A woman managed to fight off a man who tried to kidnap her in Brooklyn early yesterday morning. A 27-year-old woman had noticed a man in a car following her at Carroll and Court Streets—and then the man got out and tried to grab her.

The victim spoke to the Post, explaining she had just deposited money at the Chase bank at the corner at 2 a.m.

When she reached Second Place and Court Street about two blocks away, the driver pulled over and flashed a gun at her. “It was very frightening,” she told The Post last night. “He pulls into his waist, and pulls the gun out.”

She quickly tried to offer him her cellphone and wallet — but the assailant said he wasn’t interested. “I give him everything. He doesn’t care,” she said. “He puts me in a headlock and is pointing the gun at me.” The thug then pistol-whipped her four times, and tried to drag her into his car, sources said.

She managed to get away as she struggled with him, "I was scared, but I didn’t lose control. I took my chances and started fighting back." EMTs found her with a broken tooth.

The Post reports that the suspect was in custody: "Sources said he was found in Red Hook after leaving his cellphone at the crime scene." The victim ID'd the suspect, Willie Weathers, in a police line up last night.