An investigation has been launched into whether the bullet that killed St. Lucian soccer star Isidore Philip Tisson Sunday morning may have been intended for one of the women he was with. One of the women in Tisson's group allegedly got into a fight at the Tropiks nightclub in Crown Heights, which Tisson broke up before they left. Investigators believe the shooter followed their car. Shawnette Justin, 24, who was struck by the bullet that passed through Tisson, told the Daily News, "Why would someone want to do it? Nobody deserved that."

Tisson had been out celebrating his team's victory over St. Kitt's in the Digicel Caribbean Cup with his teammates, and left the club around 4:30 a.m. Tisson had scored the team's winning goal, and the team announced that they would play the championship game against Jamaica in honor of their slain center-forward. Fred Ballantyne, President of the Caribbean Cup, said, "This is a major loss to the team and to the league,. Nevertheless, we ask the community to come out and support the teams for the final championship game."

Tisson had been living in the city since May, and his coach said he "had an awesome presence on the field and was a very gentle person." After scoring his winning goal, Tisson told reporters, "When I score this goal, I felt very upbeat, because I knew my friends and my people are expecting me to score." No arrests have been made in the shooting.