This week has been filled with stories of teens and adults having sketchy sex, as well as good advice on how to spot a sex-addicted professor. Today's tale of creepy underage love takes us across the country: Jessica Pearce, 33, is accused of flying a 16-year-old NJ boy to Washington after carrying on a sexual relationship together for more than a year. The cross-country lovers met the old fashioned way: while playing "World of Warcraft" online. Just your classic MMORPG courtship, like When Harry Met Undead Warlock.

Pearce flew to NJ to visit the boy several times, once bringing her 6-year-old along. The boy flew with Pearce for Washington on Sept. 11 2009, leaving his parents a note saying he was going to New York and that they should not look for him. They were caught three days later. Pearce was charged with possession of child pornography—she allegedly made tapes of them having sex together. Also, gross: according to the FBI, "Pearce stated that she and (the boy) did not use any form of contraception because they 'were going to make a family.'" Ugh. It also makes this Onion article more cringe-inducing.