The lawyer for 66-year-old Jacqueline Deravin, a disabled former corrections officer, is demanding an investigation into how police handled his client's arrest in her Queens home earlier this month. Deravin says she called 911 because her daughter's ex-boyfriend was threatening her, but when cops arrived they treated her like the perp, dragging her off a bed and tossing her into a doorknob. She tells the Daily News, "My eye fell out onto my cheek." We hate it when that happens! But the NYPD claims Deravin was armed with a shotgun and resisting arrest.

"She's in a walker and she's going to be resisting arrest?" her lawyer said yesterday after an appearance in Queens court. "It doesn't make sense." But police say that when they arrived, Deravin was brandishing the gun at her daughter's ex-boyfriend and yelling: "I am going to kill you. Nobody's going to leave here tonight!"

Deravin was arrested and charged with resisting arrest, reckless endangerment, harassment and menacing. Now she's wearing an eye patch and is undergoing surgery to repair it. And all this after undergoing brain surgery in 2006, which is why she has to use the walker! It sure puts complaining about how cold the office is in perspective. (But seriously, what is the deal with all the subarctic A.C.?)