A shooting outside a bodega on Weirfield and Bushwick Avenue has left a 23-year-old women dead and a 13-year-old and 21-year-old injured. According to the Daily News, "All three had just stepped out of Bed-Stuy Supermarket and Deli on Weirfield St. at Bushwick Ave., where they had bought sandwiches and sodas, when a gunman approached them." The cashier said, "He takes the gun out and starts shooting."

Witnesses said they heard about nine shots fired. The woman was dead on arrival, while the boy, who was hit in the arm, and man, who was hit in the back, are in stable condition. Yesterday, the NY Times noted that the Labor Day weekend violence—"13 people had been killed and 67 injured in 52 shootings since early Friday"—showed how Mayor Bloomberg's criticism of illegal guns only went so far.