2006_09_umbrella.jpgYesterday, a chilling crime unfolded in front of 17 State Street in the Financial District. Karen Allende of the Bronx was on her way to work at 6:30AM when a man stabbed her repeatedly. A security guard initially thought she had slipped on the wet sidewalk, but then saw the blood; a construction worker, one of five people who tried to help Allende, said, "There was too much blood." Cameras caught the murderer approaching Allende from behind, and witnesses say he said something, then stabbed her multiple times. It is the first murder in Lower Manhattan (Wall Street and Tribeca) in two years.

And when police found a restraining order in her belongings that named her husband, they questioned and then arrested her estranged husband Richard Allende on suspicion of second-degree murder. The Daily News reports that the victim and Richard Allende met "while he was in prison" - the suspect was on parole - but she had thrown him out earlier this year. When he had assaulted her on a train on August 31, prompting Karen Allende to get the restraining order last week. In fact, the police had been at the victim's home just Wednesday night to follow-up.

The victim leaves behind five children, including seven month old twin boys she had with the suspect.