Last night, a 51-year-old woman was killed outside her family's home in Brooklyn. Audrey Johnson had stepped outside of 149 Clifton Place, between Classon and Franklin Avenues, apparently to check on her niece's boyfriend, who was being assaulted by three men. She was shot in the head while 14-year-old nephew Daniel Johnson, was shot in the leg.

The Daily News, which calls the neighborhood Clinton Hill, reports, "There were conflicting reports as to whether Audrey Johnson was a bystander or was shot in cold blood. 'It doesn't seem that she was an intended target,' a police source said, noting that the same was true for Daniel Johnson." And WCBS 2, which says the neighborhood is Bedford-Stuyvesant, adds "that Johnson, who lives in East Orange, New Jersey, had returned to her childhood home to cook Sunday night dinner."

Police are questioning Johnson's niece's boyfriend, Laquan Williams, who the News says "has a long rap sheet, was not shot, but suffered a cut to the head." Johnson's husband is NBA player World B. Free (Wikipedia says the "World" nickname was from a Brooklyn friend "because of his 44-inch vertical leaps and 360-degree dunks"), who is currently community relations director for the Philadelphia 76ers. Her niece told WCBS 2, "my aunt was a very, very nice lady. Everybody knew her for her giving. That's all she did, was give, give, give."