2007_05_flatbushattack.jpgEarly yesterday morning, Claudette Marcellus ran into the sidewalk in Flatbush, bleeding from multiple stab wounds, trying to get help but died on the scene. When police arrived and followed the trail of blood back into her apartment, they found her 12-year-old son, with his throat slashed. Now, the authorities are looking for Marcellus's boyfriend, Jacques Dorcinvil, who they believe attacked the mother and son. When paramedics tended to 12-year-old Brian Marcellus, he allegedly told them, "My mom's boyfriend did it. He cut her. He hurt her."

The Post reported that police found a 10" knife from in the grass 75 yards from the scene. Marcellus's building was locked down, and residents weren't allowed to leave until the police could process the scene. One neighbor told WABC 7, "I come down, 5:48 and police stop me and I say, 'I want to go to work'. Police say 'you can't.' I call my job and tell them what happened and they say anything finished you come."

Brian Marcellus is at Kings County Hospital; a police source told the Daily News, "The way he stabbed the kid, the boy may never speak again." It's believed that video recordings from Marcellus's apartment building show Dorcinvil leaving, covered in blood. Marcellus had obtained an order of protection against Dorcinvil earlier this year, after he beat her with a chair and broomstick and her son with the broomstick.